Friday, May 29, 2009

Biker Babes!!

The girls love to play out on the balcony, we have bubbles, bikes and sidewalk chalk (which is fun but makes a big mess) Here are some pictures one day, Alyssa has learned the fine art of posing cute for the picture. Whenever she sees the pictures she says, "Look, Alyssa smiles with the teeth!"
Megan loves to get pushed around like a queen.
Alyssa has learned how to do the pushing to my great delight.

Having a snack outside after a long day.

Who's your daddy?? Caleb vs. Edward

Megan's got her top K9 teeth before any of her other teeth, and I think that she looks like a vampire. She only shows them when she laughs really hard so it was sort of hard to get a picture.

Rose Fair

We went to a fair in downtown Portland, it was a lot of fun even though we didn't ride the rides or anything. We watched a magic show and a clown show (I hate clowns because they are not funny) but the kids had fun. I think Alyssa liked the crowds reaction to what was happening on the stage more than what was actually happening. There was also an exotic animal show and they had a lion and giant porcupine (spelling is probably wrong) and these cute little snow lepord cubs. We parked on one side of the bridge (where the parking is free) and walked across to the fair, so here is a picture from the bridge of all the other bridges in downtown. I've never really lived by water before so I think it is neat.

Here are Alyssa and Caleb on the river walk.

There was a really big fountain which Alyssa would have loved to play in, but it was almost 9:30 so we didn't let her play because it was too cold.

We stayed for the firework show and I tried to take a few pictures but none turned out too great. We watched the fireworks from the bridge and they shot them off from a boat which was neat (you can sort of tell from the picture if you know what you are looking at).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

If you haven't noticed, we have taken a lot of trips recently (which is probably bad since Caleb doesn't have a job yet, but it was fun anyway). We went to the Portland Zoo and it was really cool! the habitats were really big and there were lots of different views and the best part was we found out that they have 2 dollar Tuesdays once a month so it only cost 6 bucks (as opposed to 30). My favoirte part was a baby elephant that had been born earlier this year.
Alyssa was doing a dance outside the trien station she was so excited to see the train, so we had to do it.
Another highlight was that Alyssa got to feed one of the birds, there was a little habitat that you could buy some nector that the birds liked and you could feed them and Alyssa wasn't too afraid to have the bird on her, as you can see from her expression, she was rather excited.
Caleb got to feed the birds too!

Trip to Medford

Me and the girls took a trip down to Medford with Caleb's mom and sister Anna to visit Scott and Sarah. It was fun to see everyone, and eventhough we didn't go anywhere, it was nice to visit. Anna I think had the most fun because she got to visit all her friends that she left in Medford when they moved to Portland. We tried to have Noah and Megan take a bath together, but Megan didn't like that idea. They played well together most of the time, but for some reason whenever the lincoln logs got dumped out Noah would grab the biggest one and run over to hit Megan on the head, it was kinda funny.
Here are all the cousins together and smiling. Which is hard to do with kids.
Alyssa had fun playing dress up with Julia.

Trip to Utah

Right after the tax season ended, we decided to take a trip to Utah to visit family and to let Caleb take a break from working so hard. My parents loved seeing the grandkids and it was fun seeing some of Caleb's brothers as well. We went to the Salt Lake City children's museum, which was a lot like the portland children's museum, but still really fun. Alyssa went shopping for some milk.
She worked the crane, we tried to have her lift Megan up in the basket, but Megan squirmed to much.

There was also a helicopter up on the roof which was fun for me to see as well as Alyssa.

We also went to the aquarium in Sandy and Alyssa was captain of the boat.

Touching the stingrays and fish! Alyssa was to afraid.

Our trip was not complete until Alyssa took a trip to the duck pond, she actually went like three time.