Friday, June 22, 2012

Alyssa Kindergarten graduation

 At the graduation they sang a few songs and you could hear Alyssa over everyone during some parts, she also danced during the non singing parts, she defiantly doesn't have my personality!
 Dumb guy moved right in front of me as Alyssa was coming down to get her diploma, seriously if it isn't your kid then move out of the way.

 She started the year at a different school but ended up with Ms Eagon, she was such a great teacher and I'm so happy that we ended the year on a happy note.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Megan turns 4

 We invited a lot of people, but only a few showed up for the party. It was better for the adults because it wasn't as crazy but Megan was a little disappointed, but after I explained that she could get more candy from the pinata if there weren't as many kids, she got over it quick.
I'm not an expert party planner yet so it was pretty much the same as Alyssa's party. There was a few rounds of musical chairs.

 It was a Strawberry shortcake party so we played pin the strawberry on the vine.

 Of course there was cake. Pink cupcakes with pink frosting on  a pink tray, what more could a girl want!

 We tried to make our own pinata to look like a strawberry but after waiting three days to let it dry and it was still wet, we ran to the store to buy one instead. (I think it didn't dry because it rained for those three days off and on and there was just to much moisture in the air)

Later that night grandma and grandpa bell came for a visit and the girls had fun playing getting lots of attention from them. Can't believe my baby is four, she starts preschool next year and can not wait.