Sunday, October 31, 2010


Cutest ghost and pirate ever!!

Pumpkin carving

One of these days I will remember that the pictures download the opposite of what I think they should. Anyway, the pictures start with the end product and go backwards.
I gave Alyssa some markers to decorate her pumpkin and she decided to color the whole thing. It ended up looking like a tribal mask. Megan was too scared to color the face of the pumpkin so she colored the back.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corn Bellies

While my brother Ken and his family was visiting we went to Corn Bellies up at Thanksgiving Point.
Alyssa climbing to the top of a giant hay stack with slides.
There was a cow train
A giant pillow for the kids to jump on. Megan had a hard time keeping her balance.

There was a little store that they kids could pretend to sell pumpkins and corn
There was a kiddie corn maze.
A giant tub that was full of corn kernels. Alyssa stayed in there forever, she made snow angels and a little bed to sleep in.

Here is Will and Tyler my brothers kids.
Their favorite spot was the pumpkin princess playland. They had dress up costumes for the kids and they could dance on the stage and dance to music.
A carriage with horses to sit on.
A castle to explore.
There was also a pig race, it was not as exciting as I had hoped.


My mom got free tickets from BYU to go to Trafalga and we had a great day. There were so many things to do, rides, games, laser tag, and a climbing wall. We didn't even do everything that day, but we got bounce back tickets for the next week when my brother was in town.

It was great having my parents there because then I didn't have to go on the rides with the girls and get all wet.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Alyssa's good friend Clair and her mom came to provo for a mission reunion and we got together at the park to let the girls play.

Megan put on chapstick and was showing it off.

Marx the dog

My aunt Laura went out of town for a week so she asked us to watch her dog Marx. He slept on the girls bed a few times which Alyssa loved and we had a great time playing with him. My grandma went out of town too and we stayed at her house to watch the dog.

There is a great climbing tree outside of my grandma's house and Alyssa climbed it almost everyday.
Megan use to scream whenever marx walked into the room because she was scared of him, but after just a day she loved to give up hugs and his treats.