Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Picture

I found this picture of me and Caleb when we were still dating and I thought it was too funny to pass up! We look sooo different now only 4 years later.
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Megan's Blessing

We had Megan's blessing on the 7th and it turned out really nice. We did it up at my grandparents house and Caleb did the blessing and he did a really good job and
Megan didn't cry, which is always a plus.
Caleb's dad and a few of his brothers were able to come from Oregon and it was really nice to see them. It was a boys club on Saturday, they watched football and played golf-when the wives are away, the boys will play.
I did a little photo shoot of Megan in her blessing dress which my aunt Lisa made and it turned out very cute! Anyway, Megan wouldn't smile for any of the pictures and I had a hard time keeping her fingers out of her mouth for even a second, but I still got a few cute ones.

I know that the day was suppose to be only about Megan, but this picture of Alyssa with my parents was too cute to pass up!

Monday, September 1, 2008


It was the first BYU game last Saturday and Caleb and Jim had tickets to go so I took some pictures of them in their game day blues. Also Megan sometimes sucks her fingers in the shape of a 'Y' I like to think that she will be a cougar fan one day!
Daddy and his girls.

I like this one because it looks like Caleb is drinking a beer while wearing his BYU shirt and holding his daughter (what a role model), but in fact he is smelling a new barbeque sauce that Jim got.
Alyssa is actually wearing an Oxford shirt, but it is the right color blue and there weren't any toddler shirts at the store that I went to.
BYU won the game, but Caleb was not very happy because they did not have the 'Chicago hot dog' stand at the stadium any more. He has been waiting three months for one of these hot dogs, it was very sad.

Princess Alyssa

In one of Alyssa shows they sing and dance and she loves to watch it over and over. She has started to pick up some of the words and I think that it is hillarious when she sings and she gets a lot of the hand motions right. It is sort of hard to hear her, but she belts out a nice note at the end of the video.

She also loves to change into her "princess dress" while she watches her show and dance!