Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two week checkup

We just had Megans two week check up and there were a lot of little things wrong. First of all she lost some weight so they are worried about that and they said she was 20 1/2 inches but she was only 18 1/2 inches at birth so I think that one of them is wrong. She then had an eye infection, bad diaper rash and something called thrush on in her mouth. Then the medicine is hard to remember because the eye stuff is 4 times a day, mouth is 3 and diaper is 2-I had to make a chart. She is also tounge tied and we are going in to get it clipped on Monday, I think that I might cry along with her because I know that it is going to hurt-I hope they don't make me hold her while they do it! So there is just a lot of little things wrong which is really annoying, but at least there is nothing major.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Caleb Graduates!!!

Caleb had his graduation ceremony from Stevens Henager and I couldn't be more proud(he still has a few months to go for his classes, but they had the ceremony). His parents and sister were able to come down and it was really fun to visit with them.

Here is a one week picture of Megan-I'll try to get one of her with her eyes open.


Alyssa loves to lay next to Megan in the bed-I don't think Megan loves it as much, but she can't stop it. They are just cute together so here are some pictures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun with Grandpa

My dad loves his new Mac computer.  He has been playing with the video features and one of his favorite subjects is Alyssa.  Here is a video he made-the file was taking forever to download so here is the website if you wish to see it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Megan Photos

Megan Ray Bell

Well she is finally here! We had to go in for a scheduled C-section on Thursday because I had not dialated at all and I was ready to have the baby. Everything went really well with the operation-they pumped me full of drugs so I couldn't feel a thing, in fact they did to good of a job and I had a hard time breathing for some of it. Then the doctor asked if I wanted to see and I said not really but he assured me that I did so he pulled down the sheet and I saw little bloody arms and legs sticking out of my stomach! It was really yucky! We are back home now and everything is going really good. I don't think she cries as much as Alyssa did and she just sleeps a lot. The hardest part is adjusting to Alyssa because she wants to help to much and smothers the baby a little bit, but I guess that is better than being jealous. I took both of the girls to the park the other day by myself and it worked out pretty good so that was encouraging to me to let me know that I can handle both. Anyway, here are her stats
born-June 5, 2008
9 lb 1 oz
18 in
(Alyssa was 7 lb 2 oz and 20 in if you want to compare)

My dad made a video of the hospital so you can go to the website to see it

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Baby

My official due date is this Tuesday (June 3rd), but I haven't even started to dialate yet so we have scheduled a C-section for the Thurday-we actually told the doctor friday the 5th, but friday is acutally the 6th so we aren't sure if it will be thursday or friday. Hopefully it all goes well. One way or another this baby is coming out!


We had a barbeque with Jim and Charlie where Caleb made flank steaks that turned out really good! It was also Sponge Bob theamed, we had sponge bob hats (as Alyssa is modeling), table clothes, napkins, and we watched the new season of Sponge Bob that Jim had bought.
Summer is finally here and Alyssa loves corn on the cob, she ate two by herself (Caleb graciously let her eat his-what a good daddy).
We also went to the park later that night and Alyssa climbed around like a little monkey. She can do almost everything by herself and I get to sit on the bench and relax and watch her be crazy.

Cross Stitch

I know that I haven't written in a while, but here is proof that I have nothing to write about. I got this cross stitch pattern for my birthday in January and I finished the cross stitching a month ago and finally made it into a stocking so the whole project took about four months, I'm pretty proud I think that it turned out cute.