Monday, February 16, 2009

Park Pics

Caleb's brother Scott and his wife Sarah came up for a visit, we haven't seen them since the begining of last year so it was fun to catch up. They have a little boy named Noah and he was born exactly two weeks before Megan so they are really close in age, hopefully they will be friends when they get older. Here is a picture of them in the bathtub-Noah is the one rockstar sucking his fingers.
Scott and Sarah also have a five year old daughter named Julia, so here is Julia, Anna and Alyssa on the tire swings. Alyssa loved having someone her own size to run around with, of course they played dress up when we got back to grandma's.
Here is Sarah (in the blue) Anna, Julia and grandma.
It was a fun, but cold trip to the park.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cute Pictures

We found the library the other day, which was nice and the weather has been really good the past few days so we have been able to go outside more. Also we have finally moved into our two bedroom so we can unpack our boxes! I am very excited to finally feel settled in. Also, my old laptop died in Septemberand I hadn't backed up any ofmy pictures and it had all my baby pictures of Alyssam, so my brother-in-law Damon finally came to the rescue and saved all of my pictures! I was really excited.
But here are some pictures of us playing in the house. I got Alyssa a barbie for christmas and Jim and Charly got her a dress which came with a matching barbie dress, so here is a picture of Alyssa and barbie in the same outfit!

I watch Anna for a few hours after school while her parents are busy with Liberty Tax and she dressed up Megan in fairy wings, necklace and a crown.
Megan still wont sit up on her bum, but she has started to go up on her knees in the middle of the room, I think it is cute. It was also a big day for Megan because she cut her first tooth!
Alyssa is a big helper now, she likes to feed Megan her bottle whenever I will let her.
I was doing the dishes one night and Megan was playing in the living room with Alyssa and she just rolled over, sucked her thumb and went to sleep, I thought it was cute.
We have book time before bed and Megan likes to listen too.
Megan has learned to play peek-a-boo and I think it is fun.