Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party

We had our ward christmas party and the primary got up and sang a few songs. Alyssa stood up there but she doesn't really know the words so she just stood there.

Then Megan decided to get into the fun and climbed up there and stood quietly and clapped when they were done.

The three wise men made a visit after the preformance and handed out candy to everyone.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

In the army soon...

So I realize that most of you know, but some of you don't that we have been feeling the affects of the bad econimc times. We moved out here to work for Caleb's parents for the tax season and that worked out great, but then Caleb wasn't able to find a job after the tax season April!!! So we have been living off savings and hoping for something to come along, but we decided to get proactive and decided to join the army. Caleb signed up to be a financial officer (accountant) for a 4 year term, but he still has to go through boot camp and training. He leaves December 29 and I won't see him again until middle of May and then we don't know where we are going from there. Caleb is hoping that we will go to Alaska or to Europe somewhere, I'm hoping to stay in the states and go to Viriginia where my brother and sister in law live. Anyway, I'm really not scared about it, every once in a while I sort of freak out, but we went to the temple before we were even thinking about signing up and the thought came to me, "what about the army?" So I feel that it is where we are suppose to be for right now, hopefully not forever but you never know. Caleb is thinking of going into the FBI after and being a Forensic accountant and he can get his CPA licence and 4 years experience while we are in the army. So that is where we stand, I'm a little apprehensive because I don't know where we will be, but I'm more excited that he has a job and that money will finally be coming in.