Thursday, June 24, 2010


Over Memorial Weekend (I know I'm behind on my posts, but that's what happens when when you don't have internet at home) a lot of Caleb's family got together at a beach house for the weekend. It was great to see everyone, but Caleb missed it by two days so it was sad he couldn't come.
We had a fire on the beach at sunset. These rock featers are famous because they were in the movie Goonies.
Megan didn't like the water too much, probably because it was freezing, but she had fun playing in the sand and chasing the kite, and eventhough she didn't swim she had to wear the swim suit like Alyssa.
Here is Alyssa covering a rock with mud, very exciting. She did eventually cover the whole thing.
It was cloudy and rainy pretty much the whole time we were there, but it didn't stop our fun. I didn't think Alyssa would want to swim because it was so cold, but she ended up getting in with her clothes on (blue shirt) as well as her cousin Julia (yellow shirt). Anna and her friend Rio were smart enough to wear their bathing suits.
Me and megan stayed dry on the beach.