Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dance Class

Alyssa has been in a dance class and has really enjoyed it. It has been twice a week since January so the girls have gotten to know each other really well and the moms have too. Here is Alyssa showing of her mad dancing skills. My Aunt Lisa knitted the entire dress and it is so cute.

Megan was rather sad that she couldn't dance the first few times, but I would read books with her and try to make it fun.
For some reason whenever I ask Alyssa to smile for the camera, this is the pose she does.
Silly girls

Monday, March 14, 2011


Alyssa has had a loose tooth for over a month now and it finally came out!! She was sooo excited and proudly showed everyone at church. You can even see a new tooth growing in, she kept the tooth in her heart box and the tooth fairy came for a visit.

I made this headband and I love how it turned out because I really don't like those giant bows but unfortunatly the girls won't wear them for more than 2 minutes, oh well, that is enough to take a picture.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zoo trip

I found out there was a free day at the zoo on Wednesday and since it was february I thought it wouldn't be too crowded, but I was wrong, There were tons of people but we had fun anyway. This is a classic Hogle zoo picture. Alyssa is the size of a female gorilla and megan is the size of an child, except for the arms.
They were yelling at the peacock to make his tail big, but he wouldn't listen.
This was the smallest gorilla so I told Megan that it was the baby and the lady next to me turns and says, "thats not the baby that's coco (or whatever its name was)." Seriously, I don't care what the monkeys name is and I don't care that it isn't a baby, and it doesn't make you cool to know the monkeys name it makes you crazy.
The train was closed because of the weather so we had to make due with a merry go round. (they are only called carousells if they have just horses, if they have lots of different animals they are merry go rounds-I thought that was interesting)

With all the different animals at the zoo, alyssa liked this cat best. Even after I told ther the snow lepord was the bad guy from kung foo panda
found out the giraffs have 25 lb hearts, the human heart doesn't even weigh one pound.