Friday, September 10, 2010

jump for joy

The girls were avoiding going to bed, so I took a few pics to make it less iritating for me.
Megan couldn't jump as high, it just looks like she is sitting on the bed, but if you look at her hair, it is airborn.

Cutie Pies

Car wash

I didn't want to go to the park because it was too hot, but Alyssa was driving me crazy because she wanted to go somewhere, but the prospects of swimsuits made her happy so we decied to wash the car.
I don't know what type of soap to use to wash a car so I just used dish soap, it made a great lather which was all the kids cared about and it seemed to clean the car too.
I don't know why she sticks her leg out all the time.

They played with the bucket more than helping clean the car, but they weren't much help when they were cleaning the car.

Story Tellers Festival

Me, my mom, and the girls went to the story tellers festival. The girls didn't like to hear the stories very much, they are just too young to sit still and listen. But there were puppet shows every hour and they enjoyed those.
Alyssa got chosen to go up on stage to help the juggler. She was the sun and he juggled nine red balls around her.
trying out the puppets.