Sunday, October 9, 2011

BI-Zi farms pumpkin patch

I looked for a Fall festival around Fort Lewis but the one that looked the best was down in Vancouver which is right next to Portland so we went down and Caleb's parents and sister went with us.
Megan would climb halfway up the hay pile but then would see a bug and quickly climb back down.

Even dad got into the fun!

On the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. You got one free pumpkin with your entrance fee so Caleb got the biggest he could find, it was 55 lbs!
It was the first time we ever went out to the pumpkin patch instead of just getting them at the store and it was a lot of fun, but some of them were moldy and disgusting on the side you couldn't see so you would reach down to turn it over and a hand full of moldy pumpkin guts.

Anna and her friend Hannah decided to go small with their pumpkins
lil' pumpkin
They put you to work at the farm and we had to clean our own pumpkins.
Giant pile of corn kernels.
Corn star!!!

In the maze. we broke off into groups to race through and Alyssa ran ahead to catch up with Anna but Anna was too far ahead and Alyssa got lost for a few minutes, It was a little scary but she was only lost for like 3 minutes. The maze was huge but all you had to do was follow the muddy path to get out because it was the most walked on. I would also like to point out that it is hot chocolate I am holding and not coffee.
Petting zoo

Also included in the price was a pumpkin launch.
Daddy had to help

We couldn't have asked for getter weather (it had rained the 4 previous days) or a better day, it was great.

Oregon Coast

We were able to go to the coast with Caleb's brother Scott and his parents and we had a great time, the only problem was we had to leave a day early and we didn't want to. Caleb's parents bought a bus for the upcoming tax season and grandpa took the kids for a ride around the block, they thought it was great.
Our first stop was seaside Megan was scared by the waves so Caleb had to hold her, but Alyssa had no fear.

There were tons of seagulls while we were eating our lunch and all the other kids thought they were fun to chase, but Megan was screaming by my legs while I took this picture because she didn't want them to touch her.
It wouldn't be a trip to seaside without a trip on the carousel.
Our beach house was at cannon beach which is a few miles down the road. It was super windy and pretty cold and the sand kept stinging the kids legs, but that didn't stop them.
Cousin Julia running away from the waves.

Grandpa helping Megan build a sandcastle by bringing water for the moat.

This is Anna and her friend Maddy racing the waves.
Megan and Noah had a great time playing together they played Dora and Diego and Jake and Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It wasn't until I left that I realized I didn't get a picture of them together.
Megan and Miles playing in the sand

We buried Alyssa in the sand and turned her into a mermaid, but my sister in law took the pictures and hasn't sent it to me yet. (hint, hint Sarah)
I tried to rotate this picture but I failed.