Monday, July 25, 2011

new things

Something borrowed-(okay not borrowed, but she is from the humane society so someone else had her first) introducing the newest member of our family, Chloe the cat!!! Alyssa just follows her every where and is very sad when the cat doesn't want to play.
Something blue-We have been saving our money to buy a new car and I convinced Caleb that we should get a van! I love it! It is so nice to have the extra space and extra storage. Caleb says that he is embarrassed to drive it but he took it to the store by himself the other day.
PS-There are so many new posts if you want to see Megan's birthday pictures then click older posts at the bottom of the page.

Swim lessons

I was happy to find swim lessons for Alyssa so soon after moving, I was afraid they would all be filled up by the time I registered. Megan's class was all filled up but it was the parent child class and I would have had to swim too, so I wasn't too disappointed. They had this neat bar and platform that the kids stood on so their teacher could be in the deeper water and help them one at a time. If they let go of the bar twice they had to sit on the side for a minute, Alyssa had to sit on the side the first lesson, she was near tears sitting there, it was sad. But the next time we went she said she won't let go of the bar again, so she learned.
They practiced stroking while the teacher helped the other kids. 1

Scottish Festival

We went down to visit Caleb's parents the weekend that Harry Potter came out (so that we could have a babysitter) just for a friendly visit. It was also the Scottish festival so we went to that too. Caleb's cousin Anthony was part of the Highland games and it was neat to catch up with him and fun to see someone we know compete.
They had a kid highland games section. The first event was balancing an egg on a spoon.
Then she tossed a rock

Caber toss
I don't remember what they called this one, but they were filled with water and she had to run with them. Then a sheep toss, you can kinda see the sheep just leaving her hands.
She did AMAZING at the highland games, they wouldn't have given her a medal if she didn't, right?
Then she cried for candy, and we had to send her to the stocks.
Grandma was naught too.
Then they picked Alyssa to go into the sheep pen and try to corral the sheep, they timed how long it took the kids and then timed how long it took the dog, to get the sheep in the pen. The dog won.

Megan was there too, but she was with anna most of the time

4th of July

We bought red, white and blue shirts for Caleb and the girls but for some reason I put them behind our railing so you can't see their shirts, oh well, live and learn. We had a nice fourth of July we went to the fair that they had at the base and then went to the splash pad at the park, but since I'm awesome I didn't bring my camera.
Later that night we went and watched the fire works. Caleb wanted to go up close and personal to the fire works but Megan fell asleep at like 7 so we decided to go a little later and let her sleep for a bit. We haven't watched fire works together in like 3 years so the girls really enjoyed themselves.
The next day we went to the lake and played at the beach, it was one of the rare sunny warm days in Washington, I think it got up to 85 or so :)

Of course in true Alyssa style she found a fried right away.

These are Megan's castles that she made all by herself. It is kinda hard to see in the picture but all there are about 7 little mounds with a rock on each and she called them castles.

Megan had more fun in the sand than in the water and Alyssa had more fun in the water than the sand.

Here is Caleb's sandcastle, I'm soo proud!

Pump It Up

I took the girls to a bouncy house place and the girls had a great time. They had these air guns that shot little balls at each other. It looked like so much fun I even got in there and gave it a try.

They had an air hole blowing a ball for the kids to hit and Alyssa hit every single one on the first try.
Megan swung the bat up and down instead of back and forth.
Megan was scared of the slides at first but we started small and eventually worked our way up to the big slides and by the end she was a pro.

We had a great time and will definitely be going back soon.

At the hotel

We had to wait almost three weeks in the hotel before our house was ready for us. We really wanted to live on post so we decided to wait instead of moving in off post faster, now that we are all moved in it was totally worth it. Luckily the army paid for most of the time in the hotel and Caleb's parents put up with us for a couple days as well. The girls occupied themselves by going to the pool almost everyday

We had to wait almost t


While we were staying in the hotel we tried to go out and do some outings with the kids so they wouldn't go to crazy. I was a little nervous to go to the zoo because I was afraid it would rain the whole time but it turned out to be a great day.
Alyssa was brave enough to hold the bird all by herself. But Megan would only let daddy hold her while she watched from a distance
The bird got too close for comfort.
For some reason they found these bamboo dividers very amusing. They played in the for almost 15 minutes.
The cutest monkeys at the zoo!

They had a dinosaur at the zoo exhibit with robot dinosaurs but cost extra to go through and the girls were too scared anyway, we could see some of them from over the fence, but for some reason I didn't take a picture.