Friday, April 17, 2009


Instead of mixing Alyssa with coloring dye I decided to just let Alyssa paint a few eggs, she really enjoyed it and ate them all when she was done.
Here Alyssa is examining her handiwork, and yes, I also cut her hair. It was the first time I have done it by myself because I usually make my mom do it. I think it turned out pretty good, and her bangs are almost as long as her hair now.
Megan just shared eggs with Alyssa and she didn't like the bunny ears much, but i did snap a few pictures before she took them off.

Alyssa got fingernail polish.
A necklace.
A jump rope.
And of course candy!!
They share pretty good together.

Fun at home

Alyssa discovered make up the other day and she put it on all my herself. She even put some on me.
All things considering, she did an okay job.
Aunt Anna dressed Megan up in one of Alyssa's princess dresses, and it actually fit pretty good.
Cupboards are always fun!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Videos and Dare to compare!

Lots of people ask me if the kids look the same, I think that they do except for the obvious hair and eye color issues, but you can make your own comparison (the pink pj's is Megan).

Megan and Alyssa get along well most of the time, but they always have the most fun in the tub. Megan especially likes the bath, if she is in the living room and hears the water she crawls toward the bathroom as quickly as she can. The video is a little long, but I kept waiting for more cute things to happen.

Alyssa is forever the dancer! I know I have put up other videos like this one, but I think they are all funny.

Here is one of those rare moments when the two kids get along well. Most of the time one starts crying because the other is trying to play and doesn't do it right. For example, Alyssa takes toys from Megan and says 'thank you for sharing Megan' while Megan cries because her toy is taken away. Then Megan will pull Alyssa's hair while she is laying down and Alyssa yells "Megan stop!" Also Megan has learned to turn off the TV and Caleb and Alyssa get so mad at her and she knows it. She just turns around and smiles when we exclaim 'Megan!!"

Portland pictures

I know this picture looks boring, but this plant grew in a little bit of dirt that got stuck in the crack in the trunk of our car. This is an excelent example of primary sucession! (I knew my geography would come in handy one day)
This is a picture from our balcony, it is not the rocky mountains, but it beats just our neighbors yard.
It is sort of strange living in a big city, this is the 6 lane highway that we have to cross to get to the park.
I sometimes give Megan a cracker to suck on while I prepare dinner and I guess it was just too much work to eat it because she feel asleep when she was done.
Megan is very good natured she loves to smile! Alyssa likes to smile too, but I haven't taken as many pictures of her recently for some reason, I will try to take some more soon.
They really doo like each other, most of the time, until Megan borrows Alyssa favorite shirt and spills spagetti sauce all over it (I'm not looking forward to those types of fights).