Saturday, August 11, 2012

Utah Trip

 I always intend on taking more picture when we travel, but then I get home with only a few. We had a great time in Utah, it was mostly just visiting family and playing with cousins, but since we don't live very close to much family it was fun to see everyone.
 We had a picnic at the park with my Dad's family, and the highlight of the evening was Aunt Lisa's new dog Harvey. He loved the attention.
 We went to the zoo with grandma, grandpa, Uncle Jimmy and family, and Olivia.

 I realized last year that I only had one family photo for the whole year, so I''m trying to take more.

 The highlight was the polar bear, he is new to the zoo and was very active.

 It was a bright and sunny day

 We also went to Lava Hot Springs Idaho for the annual Peay family reunion, we did a lot of swimming and river rafting and I was too scared to bring my camera because I didn't want it to get wet.