Saturday, November 29, 2008


A lot of you have been asking about what are plans are when Caleb is done with school and decisions have finally been made so I thought I would give you all an update. We have decided to move out to Oregon so that Caleb can work with his dad at Liberty Tax. Caleb will be leaving the day after Christmas, but I will be staying through my brothers visit and leaving at the beginning of January and driving the girls out with my mom. After the tax season Caleb will just apply for accounting jobs until we can get a few more tax stores. It is sort of scary moving into the unknown, but it is what Caleb wants to do and he is excited about it and I know he will be great at it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fall Fun!

I finally got out and took pictures of the kids in the leaves. Before I realized it I had taken over a hundred pictures (most of which have been deleted) here are some of the best. I love digital! Pondering the great wonders of the world.
Perfect timing
Megan was sort of confused by the whole process and ate more leaves than I would have liked while I wasn't paying attention.
Chillin in the leaves.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Since Alyssa can't use knives and is afraid of pumpkin guts, she painted her pumpkin and I think that it is a work of art!
Megan's aunt Laura bought her a peanut costume for halloween I think that it is really cute, but Caleb said she looks like a giant turd! Rude!
It was sort of hard to get a good picture of her in the costume, but here is the best I could do.
Alyssa went trick or treating for a little bit with her friend Natalie who was a fairy.Alyssa was a beautiful princess and dispite what this picture shows she was really excited about her costume, but I just couldn't get her to smile for the pictures.
A star is born!

Bath Time

So inorder to save time I give the two kiddies baths at the same time and Megan LOVES the tub. If she is fussy, I put her in and she is all smiles and sucking fingers. Mommies big helper!
Comfy Cozy.
Then Alyssa stretches out and lays down in the water and sings to herself while I get megan dressed.


I was tagged forever ago by Kjirstin and I have finally gotten around to doing it. You are suppose to go to your picture folder and pick the 6th folder, then the 6th subfolder and choose the 6th picture and post it and then tag 6 people.

Since I am soo cool, all of my picture are of Alyssa, and now some are of megan, so this is a picture of Alyssa with her grandma right before we left Oregon in March. Alyssa was not very happy that day.

Now I tag...Sian, Becky, Derry, Chelsea, and Michele. (I don't have that many friends in blog land).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Zoo trip

My mom and I decided to flee Provo during the BYU game so we would avoid the traffic and chaos that occurs and we went to the zoo! It was really fun, and cold. It was probably too cold for Megan, but she survived. Since it was cold there were hardly any people there so I went a little overboard with the pictures, but the other times we went I didn't get any pictures because it was hard enough just to keep track of her in the crowd. Also since it was cold, the animals were really active because when it is hot they just lay around.
Most of the pictures I got were of the back of Alyssa's head as she looked at the animals, oh well.
She got the most excited about this desert cat which looked exactly like a house cat which we could have seen for free at a friends house.
I was kind of afraid that the next Harry Potter was around and the glass in the snake cage would disapear, but we braved it anyway!
Alyssa knew what zebras were, I was sort of impressed because I would have thought she would call them horses.
Wandering around the zoo.

Zoo Trip, part two

My girls!!
Alyssa's favorite question now is 'what is that?' and needless to say we heard that a lot at the zoo and there was a lot of pointing involved. I'm also growing out her bangs and I think she looks really cute without them, but I am a little biased.
I like the composition in this one, so I thought I would add it in.
There was a carousel that we rode three times because there was no line, Alyssa loved it, and Grandma was paying!
Megan was not as amused at the zoo as Alyssa was, being really cold didn't help her at all.

Megan the Magnificent!!

I like to do play on words for titles, if you haven't noticed, I was going back and forth between megan the magnificent or Dare Devil Daddy. I also am thinking of changing our blog title to 'As the Bell's Ring' but I'm pretty sure that is tooo corny. Anyway, Caleb has been waiting for Megan's legs to be strong enough to pull off this amazing feat and she finally is so we got some pictures. I don't know why dad's always have to do crazy things with there babies...probably to give mommies heart attacks.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kicks and Giggles!

Megan is just figuring out that some stuff in life is funny, but she is only tickilish on her bare tummy so please excuse her immodesty.

And for her next trick, Megan will roll over!

I've decided to track Alyssa's progress by the popcorn song, you can refer to an older post in April where she also sings the popcorn song, but she just dances.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Picture

I found this picture of me and Caleb when we were still dating and I thought it was too funny to pass up! We look sooo different now only 4 years later.
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Megan's Blessing

We had Megan's blessing on the 7th and it turned out really nice. We did it up at my grandparents house and Caleb did the blessing and he did a really good job and
Megan didn't cry, which is always a plus.
Caleb's dad and a few of his brothers were able to come from Oregon and it was really nice to see them. It was a boys club on Saturday, they watched football and played golf-when the wives are away, the boys will play.
I did a little photo shoot of Megan in her blessing dress which my aunt Lisa made and it turned out very cute! Anyway, Megan wouldn't smile for any of the pictures and I had a hard time keeping her fingers out of her mouth for even a second, but I still got a few cute ones.

I know that the day was suppose to be only about Megan, but this picture of Alyssa with my parents was too cute to pass up!

Monday, September 1, 2008


It was the first BYU game last Saturday and Caleb and Jim had tickets to go so I took some pictures of them in their game day blues. Also Megan sometimes sucks her fingers in the shape of a 'Y' I like to think that she will be a cougar fan one day!
Daddy and his girls.

I like this one because it looks like Caleb is drinking a beer while wearing his BYU shirt and holding his daughter (what a role model), but in fact he is smelling a new barbeque sauce that Jim got.
Alyssa is actually wearing an Oxford shirt, but it is the right color blue and there weren't any toddler shirts at the store that I went to.
BYU won the game, but Caleb was not very happy because they did not have the 'Chicago hot dog' stand at the stadium any more. He has been waiting three months for one of these hot dogs, it was very sad.

Princess Alyssa

In one of Alyssa shows they sing and dance and she loves to watch it over and over. She has started to pick up some of the words and I think that it is hillarious when she sings and she gets a lot of the hand motions right. It is sort of hard to hear her, but she belts out a nice note at the end of the video.

She also loves to change into her "princess dress" while she watches her show and dance!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oregon Trip

We had a family reunion up in Oregon (sorry to my family in Oregon that we didn't get to visit, but we were up in Portland and only there for two days) and we went to this really pretty waterfall that I forgot the name of.
We also went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Institute (OMSI) and it was really cool. We spent almost 4 hours there and didn't see everything and there was a lot of hands on stuff for Alyssa. As you can see she dressed up like a cow

Studied tree rings

built buildings with legos

Played musical instruments
and did science experiments like the video of Alyssa playing with the bubbles, I don't know how they did it, but it was pretty neat.

2 Months Old

Megan had her two month appointment and she is now 22 inches and 13lb 3 oz. She is starting to interact more so that is fun and for the moment her eyes are still blue, but they are really dark blue so I think that they will turn brown eventually.

The thumb suckers thumb is wrinkled and wet
and withered and white as the snow
but the thumb suckers thumb is the sweetest thing yet
as only we thumb suckers know.
Shell Silverstein

Megan is real talkative, we talk almost every night.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Walks

We go on walks through our neighborhood almost every day and I just took the camera with me on one of those trips.
Alyssa found something cool.

Just hangin out

Trying to cool off in the water fountain

Cool treats are essential in the summer.