Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Day!

We realized the girls have never been to the beach and since the beach is only an hour away, we decided to do another trip to the beach. Caleb's mom and sister Anna came too and we had a great time. The water is very cold and the beaches are very rocky (which I found out because I didn't wear shoes) but they had fun anyway.

I love the big rock featers of Oregons coast.

We half burried Anna in the sand.

Alyssa finally got cold and grouchy.
After the beach we went to Seaside (a near by town) we walked around in the little shops and did the merry go round.
Bumper cars, Alyssa was just barely tall enough to go by herself, Megan was rather upset she couldn't go to.

Then there was a very exciting game of air hockey (I think it took over ten minutes).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Megans Birthday

Megan loves Blues Clues so I decided to try and make her cake like blue, and eventhough I could point out like ten things wrong with the cake Megan liked it and knew who it was so that is all that matters.
Alyssa was our entertainment and she did some wicked awsome breakdancing moves.

It took several tries to blow out the candles.

Alyssa hovered in the background wantind Megan to open her presents faster.

Megan loves little toys and Caleb's parents bought her some littlest pet shops and she was excited.
My parents got her a three wheeled scooter and Alyssa thinks it is hers and she rides it through the house and want to take it to the store whenever we go.
Megan likes the scooter too.


Caleb's parents watched the kids so that we could go to the coast together, it was very relaxing and great to be together again. We just watched movies, went in the shops, and walked on the beach. The Oregon Coast is great because it has these amaizing rock featurs to add to the scenery.
We found a bunny in the parking lot by the beach, I thought it was out of place.
Caleb lost a lot of weight at boot camp.

Here is the sunset form out hotel room.


Daddy's home!! Alyssa told everyone that her daddy was going to take her swimming when he got home so that is just what he did. They were very excited to see him, Alyssa definatly remembered him, but Megan was excited because Alyssa was excited.

Megan loved going down the big red slide, I thought she would be too scared because it is big for her.

Children's museum

The first friday of every month is free at the Childrens museum and we go pretty much every month. Since I'm usually by myself I don't take many pictures but I took some last time I was there.

Megans' favorite room is the water room but Alyssa doesn't like it was much so we dont' stay as long because Alyssa complains louder than Megan.