Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!

For Alyssa's birthday we just had some cake and presents. Grandma and Grandpa Bell and Anna came over as well as one of Alyss'a friends from church (Clair) and her mom. Alyssa loved being the center of attention and enjoyed helping me get the cake and decorations ready. Alyssa got some clothes, Candy Land, a strawberry shortcake movie, fairy dress up wings, and a strawberry shorcake doll.

Alyssa and Clair enjoying their cupcakes.

Megan enjoyed Alyssa's birthday cake more than her own.

This cake was really easy to do, it was just a circle cake cut into a peace sign and then rotate the top pieces and spread out the bottom.

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Alyssa and Megan started to play with the balloons and they had a great time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Portland doesn't get that much snow, but it did snow a few inches so we decided to take advantage (it was pretty much melted by the end of the day). Megan didn't really like being bundled up and it didn't help that Alyssa kept throwing snow balls at her.

Alyssa just threw a snowball at me, she thought she was very clever.

Christmas pictures

So I wanted to take a really nice photo of the kids for Chirstmas cards but, as usual they were difficult, they wouldn't wear their santa hats and one or both of them were cring or looking away whenever I took the picture. So I gave up with the photo shoot and tried again later and had a somewhat success (still no santa hats). It is the top picture.

Christmas Morning!

Megan got a new coloring book which she is admiring in front of the kitchen set that I found at a discount store and was really excited about. Megan didn't really know what was going on, but she was excited for christmas because Alyssa was. Caleb got me a new hair straightner (I think I spelled that wrong), and I was really excited because my hair doesn't like the extra moisture in the air here in portland.

Alyssa understood the santa concept a little more this year, we went and saw him at the mall before chirstmas and Alyssa ran up and asked "Santa! are you coming to my house?!" Megan started to follow Alyssa but then decided that she was too scared and came running back to me. Alyssa loves Strawberry shortcake and so she got a strawberry car with some characters and she was really excited and as usual, she got a new princess dress.

I know that this video is a little long, but it is mostly for my parents to view, the last half is more fun than the first because I thought Caleb was ready to come out with the kids so I ran out to do the video and he went into the bathroom and told Alyssa to wait and of course she didn't and so she is sneaking out because she knew that she was suppose to wait.