Thursday, December 29, 2011


I posted tons of new pics, if you want to see some of Alyssa and Megan's dance class you have to click 'older posts' at the bottom of the page.

Teeth, grandparents, and Chloe

Alyssa's top tooth was super wiggly all through Christmas but it didn't fall out until the day after, she has lost a total of 6 teeth, 4 are still missing and 2 have grown back in. Megan keeps wiggling her teeth and hoping the fall out soon.
It was great having my parents come for Christmas, the girls miss having family around (we would visit at least twice a week when we were in Utah).
Chloe loved the Christmas tree, she would hid inside of it, take the ornaments off and rolled them around the house, and she ruined the ribbon too many times to count, she was a little stinker.


My kids are not early risers so our morning started around 8, which was just fine with me!
The big gift for Alyssa was her Twinkle Toe shoes which light up really bright. We were in the car at night and I thought a cop was following us but it was just Alyssa's shoes. Megan got some light up shoes too.

Grandma Hamblin bough the girls really nice dolls and my Aunt Lisa made extra dresses for them to dress them up.

Thanks Aunt Becky!!

Megan got 4 Barbies and she was in Heaven

later that day Caleb's parents came up to join us for Christmas dinner it was really nice having so much family around for Christmas. Alyssa was my big helper, she helped me make rolls and set the table.

Sugar Cookies

I don't think that we have ever made sugar cookies for Christmas before (because they make a huge mess), but it was fun to do it with grandma.
Megan was the official taster and it was deemed worthy.

Megan has had issues taking picture recently, I'm hoping it is a phase she grows out of quickly. This is the face she made when I told her to smile.
Caleb's contribution was watching his show with head phones
Carefully placing sprinkles

Here are the cookies for santa! Caleb is pointing to the one he made. I tried to make the plate cute but the spots didn't work so I threw it away but Alyssa rescued it from the garbage and said it was the santa plate and I couldn't throw it away.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Seattle Aquarium

My parents were able to come up for Christmas and we took them to Seattle for the day. Our first stop was the Aquarium. There was a giant tank that had a scuba diver in it that waved to the kids and had a microphone to talk to the kids. When they asked if there was any questions Alyssa raised her had and said she like to eat salmon.
There was an area to dress up like a scuba diver and we told Megan to pretend she was swimming.

Riding on the back of a whale

Megan and her Papa!

After the aquarium we went to the fish market where it was remarkably hard to find fish and chips (you wouldn't think so when you can actually see the ocean) and then we walked up to the Space Needle. On the walk we saw a sign that said Bell Street so of course we had to take a picture by the Bell Street sign in front of Bell Tower in Bell Town of Seattle.
Belltown Pizza was closed or we would have grabbed a slice.
The Space Needle looks big, but it is only because you are not allowed to build anything around it, the sky scrapers were a lot bigger.
Pretty Christmas tree

California trip

We went down to the annual Bell Christmas Reunion in California and it was a great time. We first stopped in Medford, OR to visit Scott and Sarah and their kids. We went to the children's museum and also out to eat at Eddie's Burgers (it is a Bell favorite and we always go whenever we go to Medford).

This is Megan with her 'best boy Noah' (that's what she calls him) They are only two weeks apart and they play really well together. They were Dora and Diego all weekend long and they loved it.
The trampoline was a favorite spot for the kids, they spend almost all day outside and then got flashlights when it got dark and when back out again and because it was California it was great weather.

Randy and Paula's property is AMAZING! they have football goal posts, a motorcycle track, trampoline, tree house, and tons of running room. It was great to see the family, we didn't make it to the Christmas reunion last year because Caleb was gone.