Monday, July 20, 2009

We went camping last weekend with Caleb's parents and it was really fun. The kids a did a lot better than I thought they would. Megan just sat and played in the dirt most of the time, but she had a great time doing it. Alyssa had fun exploring everywhere and getting into everything. There was a really big field of grass and I almost lost Alyssa in it a few times.
We camped at Tirillium Lake and it was right at the base of Mt. Hood. We had a great view of the mountain from the lake. Alyssa just wandered up and down the shore picking up mud and letting it fall through her fingers then walking on a little bit to find new mud, it didn't look like much fun to me, but she seemed to enjoy herself.
Alyssa was more than happy to rub mud on Megan.
Mud Monster!!!

Walk in the Woods

We went for a little family 'hike' the other day (I don't know if it qualifies as a hike because we only went a mile), but it was fun to get out and see the difference between Oregon and Utah forests.
This picture came out kinda dark, but Alyssa is waving from a bridge. There were a whole bunch of joggers on the trail and Alyssa tried to keep up with them so she kept running up a head.
Megan tried to walk around, but she wouldn't hold my hand so she fell on her face within a few seconds because the ground was so uneven and she hates wearing her shoes.
Daddy and his girls.
Alyssa picked two leaves at the same time and they made the shape of a butterfly and she was very excited to show it to everyone who walked by.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Swimming Hole

I found out that there is a wadding pool at one of the parks by our house so we have been going a lot recently. It is just a big concrete circle about 15 feet across and is maybe 2 feet deep in the middle, but it is just right for Alyssa and it is gloriously FREE! Megan doesn't like it as much, I think because it is cold but I am not sure, but I do know that she looks super cute waddling around in her swim suit.

I didn't know that they drained the pool at 5 so there wasn't much water left to play in it, but we just went back another day.

There is a picture of the little mermaid on Alyssa's swim suit and whenever she wears it she calls herself a mermaid and says, 'look, I have a tail' and points to her bum. She has also been wearing her suit none stop for the past week. I make her wear clothes over it when we go to the store, but she takes them off the second she steps in the door.

Rite of Passage

I've decided that eating spagetti with sauce and getting all messy in the process is a rite of passage into toddlerdom. So Megan had her first try the other day and even though she didn't get to messy, she really enjoyed herself. Alyssa wanted to be like Megan too, but she only has noodles without sauce so it wasn't messy at all but still fun to eat.