Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cousin Visit

My Sister-in-Law Sarah and her four kids came up to spend a few day with us. We also went to Portland and went to the Saturday's Market and saw Hunger Games together (which was awesome) The cousins had a great time playing together and the adults had fun relaxing together (and staying up till midnight playing a hilarious game of dominoes). I always mean to take more pictures than actually end up on the camera, but here are a few that I took at the park.
Cheese ball Julia
Cutie pie Jenna, Alyssa loved to sit in front of her and make her laugh
Megan and Noah (Dora and Diego)
Three pirates

Alyssa wasn't feeling great for part of the weekend, but she refused to admit it. Even when she fell asleep on the couch and Caleb picked her up to take her to her room she mumbled, "I'm not sick..."

Friday, March 16, 2012

Roller Rink

There is a roller rink on base that only charges a dollar on Wednesdays, and Alyssa has half days from school every other Wednesday so we try to go skating once a month. Alyssa is getting a lot better at balancing. She doesn't have the flow down yet, but she can get some speed going.

Megan wears walker skates that don't roll but she can't even stand up if she has on roller skates. She gets tired after the first hour of skating but enjoys it for a while. She asks me why I don't wear skates when we go and I told her I would next times, hopefully she forgets by then.
Caleb was gone for a week and so I got my craft on! I made this wreath for our door. Then I painted some wooden eggs and did some cross stitching. I got to craft while he got to play soldier in the mountains with a bunch of stinky boys, we were both happy.
Megan wanted to hold my hand the whole time but I let her go for a minute to video so she isn't moving but dancing is cute too.