Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dance Class

On Thursday's Alyssa has a dance class at the community center and they also have an indoor park that we like to go to because it is getting really wet in Portland. The indoor park isn't really a park it is just in the gym and they have a whole bunch of toys and cars and a tramp to jump on so they just run around being silly.
Alyssa had a head on collision with one of the girls in the class so she didn't feel like participating much after that (of course of the day that I remember my camera), but Megan sure had a good time.
Before and after the class they have an obstical course for the kids to play in, which is always a highlight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I finished Caleb's stocking and it took me longer than I thought because usually parts of the cross stitch are left as fabric, but this whole stocking was stitches. Fall


Caleb wouldn't turn the TV off during the pictures so they are watching TV instead of looking at me.
Little pumpkin! So Halloween day I decided to get a pumpkin to carve because Alyssa would get excited everytime that she saw one. I scraped the sides and she pulled out all the guts, she wouldn't touch the guts last year so I was happy that she did this year. Megan wouldn't even get near the pumpkin.

I'm not really good at carving pumpkins, but Alyssa liked it none the less.