Friday, October 17, 2008

Zoo trip

My mom and I decided to flee Provo during the BYU game so we would avoid the traffic and chaos that occurs and we went to the zoo! It was really fun, and cold. It was probably too cold for Megan, but she survived. Since it was cold there were hardly any people there so I went a little overboard with the pictures, but the other times we went I didn't get any pictures because it was hard enough just to keep track of her in the crowd. Also since it was cold, the animals were really active because when it is hot they just lay around.
Most of the pictures I got were of the back of Alyssa's head as she looked at the animals, oh well.
She got the most excited about this desert cat which looked exactly like a house cat which we could have seen for free at a friends house.
I was kind of afraid that the next Harry Potter was around and the glass in the snake cage would disapear, but we braved it anyway!
Alyssa knew what zebras were, I was sort of impressed because I would have thought she would call them horses.
Wandering around the zoo.

Zoo Trip, part two

My girls!!
Alyssa's favorite question now is 'what is that?' and needless to say we heard that a lot at the zoo and there was a lot of pointing involved. I'm also growing out her bangs and I think she looks really cute without them, but I am a little biased.
I like the composition in this one, so I thought I would add it in.
There was a carousel that we rode three times because there was no line, Alyssa loved it, and Grandma was paying!
Megan was not as amused at the zoo as Alyssa was, being really cold didn't help her at all.

Megan the Magnificent!!

I like to do play on words for titles, if you haven't noticed, I was going back and forth between megan the magnificent or Dare Devil Daddy. I also am thinking of changing our blog title to 'As the Bell's Ring' but I'm pretty sure that is tooo corny. Anyway, Caleb has been waiting for Megan's legs to be strong enough to pull off this amazing feat and she finally is so we got some pictures. I don't know why dad's always have to do crazy things with there babies...probably to give mommies heart attacks.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kicks and Giggles!

Megan is just figuring out that some stuff in life is funny, but she is only tickilish on her bare tummy so please excuse her immodesty.

And for her next trick, Megan will roll over!

I've decided to track Alyssa's progress by the popcorn song, you can refer to an older post in April where she also sings the popcorn song, but she just dances.