Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Easter started Saturday night for us, we made Rice Krispie treat nests and then the girls left them by their beds and the Easter Bunny filled them with candy during the night. The girls were a little too young to make the nests but they had fun playing with the treats. Then I forgot to take pictures of the final products and we ate the evidence.
Licking the spoon was much better than making the nests
The Boys and Girls Club by Alyssa's school had an Easter party that we went to Sunday morning. They separated the kids into age groups which took a little longer but made the hunts much nicer. They also had a free breakfast and then they invited us to their Easter service, but we went to our ward instead.

Here is Alyssa sitting very lady like.

Candy please?
Bouncy houses are always fun.
After church we hid eggs in our backyard, they were empty eggs but the girls didn't care, we took turns being the Easter Bunny then their friends came over and they played outside the rest of the day. It was beautiful weather, finally, so we had a great time outside and Caleb even barbecued.
Taking pictures of easter egg hunts is difficult because they always turn their backs to me when they pick up the eggs

After dinner we dyed some eggs, I tried a few different techniques I read about online but they were more difficult and messy than I thought and not worth the effort.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

recent pics

Last weekend Caleb's battalion had an Easter party it was rainy and cold but they had free food, face paint, and an egg hunt so it turned out pretty fun. They even had a bouncy house but it turned into more of a swimming pool so no one used it. Alyssa got a bunny face, here she is pretending to be a bunny.Megan got a purple flower.
The girls had a sleep over the other night and they were dressed up for about 90% of the time. Caleb missed all of the fun because he had to stay up all night to protect the barracks in case of attack. (I think it is really dumb but he only has to do it every few months)

We also got an Easter package from grandma and grandpa Hamblin which is always funAlyssa participated in a soccer camp during spring break, she is excited about soccer and I can't really figure out why but I'm glad she likes to try new things.

Enjoying a pizza party at the end of the camp.

I signed Megan up for a dance class that starts in a few weeks but she is excited about soccer while Alyssa did it.