Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

 On the fourth of July Julie and Anna came up for the day and we went to the beach here on post. The weather wasn't too hot yet which was nice for sitting on the beach but not nice for being in the water, it was COLD. We still had a good time visiting and playing with the girls.

 This is Megan's favorite picture pose for the moment, she always says 'cheese' when she strikes the pose.

 Caleb and Anna went out to the dock to go down the slide and dive off. They got in trouble for doing flips, there are a lot of rules here on post.

After the beach we went to the fair on post which was nice, wandering around looking at all the booths, playing a few games and eating an elephant ear and a fried Twinkies (which was sadly not very good). Then we went home for a barbecue and then went to see the fireworks, it was a very busy and fun day!!

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